Positive Thinking
and... 'How to Make It Happen!'

It's all down to ATTITUDE! Positive Attitude ...Belief that you can do it!!
You Can Do Anything!!

Arthur Ralph and his team offer specialist Business Sales Coaching and Life Coaching throughout the UK.
Click the menu above to see how Arthur can make it happen for you and your business

His positive attitude and belief inspires .... everyone can get what they want with positive attitude!
In his corporate job he was top of the sales team (100 people plus ) and won Dream Awards, consistently exceeding targets ..... he now coaches business clients to achieve optimum performance ....
This guy knows what he is talking about ..... He was given great testimonial from Lord Alan Sugar when Arthur spotted a 'niche' website opportunity when he started his SafeBanana business .... ''It was all down to attitude and belief.''

Let me and my team help your Business / Organisation

I invite corporate business to allow me and my team into your workplace to motivate, coach your staff / workforce to achieve optimum performance

We cover everywhere in the UK (and worldwide) .... click the 'Business Coach' tab above to find out more

Arthur is taking the ''PositiveBanana You Can Do Anything'' Roadshow across the UK ....

You will also learn ''How to Make Money on the Internet '' ..... setting up a website and letting it tick away on autopilot... available to make money online 24/7

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About Me

Arthur is a life / business / sales coach, celebrity coach, motivational speaker and trainer.

Inspiring people to success using the principles of ''The Law of Attraction'' as seen in the amazing books 'The Secret' and 'Think And Grow Rich' he will shift your mindset .... Focus on the positive energy you will create boundless opportunities and he will show you exactly how to unlock the power within you.

Purple SafebananaHe was given great testimonial from Lord Alan Sugar when Arthur spotted a 'niche' website opportunity when he started his SafeBanana business .... ''It was all down to attitude and belief''

Glow in the Dark SafebananaSir Alan Sugar, now Lord Sugar really liked the 'niche' SafeBanana and nearly a full page in the Biz Bureau of Daily Mirror was a great attribute ... the picture took up such a lot of the page and the great Mirror headline ''This Guy Is Bananas''.... reading what Sir Alan Sugar had to say he was full of praise and gave sound advice ..... the website had been noticed and the SafeBanana bananaguards have now gone worldwide ... and appeared on many TV programmes ... Paul O'Grady show, Katie Price ... Peter Andre and many more not to mention Kerrang who did a live interview.... type 'SafeBanana' into Youtube and watch and listen to the Kerrang interview!

Arthur started a corporate job in sales .... His attitude and belief quickly moved him to the top of the sales team (100 plus people ) .... top performer ... and won the Dream Awards consistently over several months... plus a luxurious 5 star stay in Barcelona for two people, staying at the 5 star Ritz Carlton Arts Hotel... the top hotel in Barcelona.

Taken by limosines from the airports the experience was one that only lottery winners and the rich and famous could experience..... and this was to be only the start of what was to come .....

He has multiple streams of income and operates several ''niche'' automated websites on the Internet making money 24 hours a day,

Also has a cd /record that he hopes to release in the near future ... The 'SafeBanana' song ... watch this space and tune in to the radio ...and has written his best selling 'Millionebook' that is downloaded over the Internet ... being successful and making money online ...... and now the ''SafeBanana Fitness 3 Day Workout'' Fitness DVD,

Attitude and Belief is what makes him successful and he can make you '' Achieve whatever you want - Anything!!

He is an intuitive life-coach with the ability to help people change all aspects of their lives. During his life's work, he has helped countless people transform their lives into lives they had only previously dreamed about. Arthur is an alchemist - people bring their problems to him - their worries, fears, doubts, blockages and insecurities and he helps them to transform. They leave as different people. Many people have written testimonials about how they have changed their lives with his help.

Arthur speaks at conferences, team events and workshops .... and has the ability to motivate, inspire and captivate the audience.

He has been trained by the worlds leading Information Marketers at Internet Marketing Bootcamps to Make Money Online .... and to train others how to do this ...........

Want to know how Arthur can show you the ways to Make Money Online? ... you can watch his video on (click the link ... but come straight back to this site)

Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from life coaching, also any business throughout the UK can have effective sales coaching and training ......

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Business Sales Coaching

Let me and my team help your Business / Organisation

I invite corporate business to allow me and my team into your workplace and motivate your staff / workforce .

We cover everywhere in the UK (Worldwide - simply contact us by email at foot of page).


Including many Secrets of Successful Selling.. ''The Communication Cycle'' BIV and many superb strategies that will powerforce your sales team to the highest level.

Learn how to overcome objections, customer types, the emotional transition curve and so much more.The training is well presented and highly effective in delivering results. My team will show how to focus on the customer, attentive listening using the Communication Cycle and strategies to give customer experience and ensure they recommend your business and come back for more .

Gather your workforce and sales team and allow my team to give them the ultimate training package at your workplace saving time and cost. The training is structured to the needs of your customer and your team will gain so much knowlege from the sessions.

You will notice the results immediately.... they will be supercharged to the highest level.

Simply click the 'PayPal button' below ( in Corporate Level ''Gold Plus'' ) ........


£797 (Fully Inclusive) for 4 hours Sales Coaching / Training Sessions in your workplace,
The training is First Class and covers many ways to maximize opportunities ... How to Overcome Objections, The Communication Cycle, BIV, The Emotional Transition Curve .... winning strategies to closing the deal ,all fully customised to your business

We cover all UK and you are guaranteed a great deal!
Every part of mainland UK is covered (right up to John O'Groats) and we guarantee that the coaching is exceptional, your staff will feel the 'buzz' and the coaching strategies will immediately propel your workforce to another level

The 4 hours is a massive help to driving your staff and sales team to learn from the best sales coaches available in the UK. Extra hours / Full day can be accommodated and we can structure a full day or longer sessions to ensure all coaching and mentoring is delivered to all your staff,ensuring they all fully reach peak performance.
We will deliver excellent training for your team no matter what size your organisation and specialise in customer service / sales coaching for staff working in Contact Centres and Call Centres
We specialise in developing the hidden gifts and talents of your frontline customer service and telesales teams, through tailor made learning and development solutions designed to enhance your customers' experience.
Whether your team is just a handful of sales or customer service agents or a 500+ seat call centre or contact centre operation, our proven solutions will provide your team with the skills, techniques and behaviours guaranteed to enhance customer experience and improve sales and performance.
At any time after your training you can have full access to Arthur and his team for continued help and support.
We come to your workplace - Saves your staff travelling time and expense, all your team have coaching in the workplace and will be motivated, fully trained to ensure peak performance

All this for only £797 ( Fully Inclusive )
Book now! click 'Buy Now' and we will contact you by return (this guarantees your place wherever you are in the UK)

Small Business - Consultation ( 4 hours ) £797

My team of experts know how to generate new business and find new customers, including online and offline promotion and marketing.

We guarantee an unbeatable offer where you will sit One 2 One and discuss the marketing of your business with an expert and we will also include training / coaching to maximise sales and enhance customer service.

The £797 is fully inclusive and we will visit anywhere in UK

You will also receive a FREE invite to our next Business Event held in the East Midlands. The consultation and free training/coaching is a must have if you want to grow your business.

Take action now!

Click the PayPal button above ( in Corporate Level section above ) and we will contact you quickly to arrange a convenient meeting .... Invest in your business now !

Arthur will visit any organisation / workplace throughout the UK.

To book Arthur and his team for your event/workplace click the button above.
If you wish to talk to our PositiveBanana Support team please phone 07798877571


EMail Me:

The PositiveBanana team build outstanding websites for businesses, read on to find out more ways of how we can help your business, take action to let the team come to your workplace and give the training they deserve.

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Life Coaching

Arthur Ralph

Worldwide you can have the PositiveBanana experience and have a One to One

Using email, FREE telephone Skype, Arthur will work with you one to one in a private session to help you become more positive and overcome any obstacle , or if you wish discuss Internet Marketing ... All sessions are pre-booked and are affordable.

Taking the first step towards creating a better life or wanting help to deal with a really difficult personal situation, it is essential to find the right person - Arthur is definitely that person. He is a great listener, fully trustworthy, he will inspire and really help you go forward with positivity

Personal visits within UK are always possible upon request but first take action now , after checking the 'special' below ....

Forget, our normal prices , we are celebrating this month

This is your opportunity to have ''FULL LIFE COACHING'' for only £47 Monthly...
Receive this every month .. Cancel anytime - but we know you will be delighted - Guaranteed! ....
1) ONE HOUR (2x30 minutes) One2One Coaching by Skype/Telephone or Email.... Guaranteed to ensure positivity and success in your life
2) FREE unlimited access to any PositiveBanana event in UK
3) FREE DVD ( Fitness Workout - This is Brilliant !) and Newsletter ..... Making It Happen!
4) FREE .... 50% OFF Membership of Health Club/Gym Membership in your area
5) FREE ... Make Money by affiliate referrals, also you will have full 'Join My Team' membership
6) FULL LIFE COACHING - The One2One Coaching really will change your life
7) Much More ! .... Yes! Quite simply we guarantee that we will open doors to new areas in your life ...
Click the button below NOW! Confirmation sent immediately...Limited Places so click NOW!

A ONE HOUR Session

Booked for a convenient time to suit your convenience only £97.

Click the 'Buy Now' button......


Booked for a convenient time to suit your convenience only £247.

Click the 'Buy Now' button......

Keep reading to the end of the UK Shows section below to see the many types of life coaching available, including Celebrity Coaching , help to Combat Phobias, also Communication Skills

To book Arthur for any type of Life Coaching click the One Hour ( £97 ) Three Hours (£247) button above


You can arrange a 4 Hours Personal Visit to your home address or workplace for only £797 ( See Corporate Level Gold Plus which is in the above Business Sales Coaching section for details where he will give life coaching at your chosen venue, he will cover every part of UK and also Worldwide )

UK Shows

''Better Life, Better Relationships .... A More Positive YOU''

Are you wanting to know how to get what you want?
Want to know how to live a better life? ..........

Positive Thinking works!!

Arthur Ralph is a very positive guy who provides delegates with a motivational experience!

Arthur is taking the ''PositiveBanana You Can Do Anything'' Roadshow across the UK or why not have a One 2 One with him now especially if you are in the USA outside the UK ... He will help you overcome any barriers and you will become more Positive!

He will tell you all about 'Self Belief' and how to have a 'Positive Mental Attitude' ....

You will also learn ''How to Make Money on the Internet'' ..... setting up a website and letting it tick away on autopilot... available to make money online 24/7.

You dont even need your own website... Bring a notebook and a pen and he will show you exactly how to use websites already prepared with a fantastic sales letter and hundreds of superb products that you can just tap into and legally make money from nothing.

You will learn how to make money every day into your PayPal account, sometimes hundreds of pounds and you need not spend a penny to get this started.....

Everyone attending the roadshow will leave knowing how to make money that evening from a zero outlay.... and I mean from zero.... all you need is an Internet connection.

But in all areas of your life .... You need to ''Take Action'', take control of your life.

You can have exactly what you want if you have belief and a positive approach....

RANGE ROVER SPORTJust imagine taking delivery of your dream motor such as a Range Rover Sport.

Just imagine if you were earning your 'dream salary' and through Positive Thinking could achieve your dreams. How secure and worry-free your life would suddenly become.

Hotel I love taking holidays and stayed recently at this fabulous hotel.
It was such a great feeling swimming in the lush blue pool knowing that I was achieving my dreams simply by being Positive

Having 'Self Belief' and adopting a 'Positive Mental Attitude' is the way to your financial success and achieving your lifes ambitions

Do not miss the opportunity to listen to this guy.
Positive Attitude and Belief works!!

Book your ticket NOW for the motivating roadshows at only £10 a ticket.

Limited places and demand will be high when media coverage kicks in and you cannot miss a place at this event...


Entertaining, motivating and a ''Must Do'' if you really do want to ''Make it Happen''

NEXT ROADSHOWS Limited Places .... Book Now

7.30pm start

         Tuesday 24th February 2015

Thursday 26th February 2015

Saturday 28th February 2015

         Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Thursday 5th March 2015

Saturday 7th March 2015

         Tuesday 10th March 2015

Thursday 12th March 2015

Saturday 14th March 2015

         Tuesday 17th March 2015

Thursday 19th March 2015

Saturday 21st March 2015

         Tuesday 24th March 2015

Thursday 26th March

Saturday 28th March 2015

         Tuesday 31st March 2015

Thursday 2nd April 2015

Saturday 4th April 2015

Confirmation of venue will be sent upon booking .... Limited places so book now!



...and areas throughout the UK are now being organised so wherever you are in UK use the PayPal ''Buy Now'' button and pay now to reserve a ticket at a venue closest to where you live.... (Full Refund if not convenient so BOOK NOW!)

You will receive immediate confirmation and of course a full immediate refund if the date/venue is unsuitable ...... The PositiveBanana ''You Can Do Anything'' roadshow is now having coverage in the media and it is going to be big get your ticket now!

This roadshow includes ''How To Make Money On The Internet'' ........

You'll love it !

YOU CAN BUY YOUR TICKET HERE .. Simply click the button - Your ticket will be sent by post... only £10.

Click the 'Buy Now' button............. (or if you wish keep reading and buy 2 tickets at only £8.50 each)


Buy two tickets for discounted price of only £17 (£8.50 Each)
Click the 'Buy Now' button below.

You can have immediate access to me now!!

YES! .... Worldwide you can have the PositiveBanana experience and have a One to One

Using email, FREE telephone Skype, Arthur will work with you one to one in a private session to help you become more positive and overcome any obstacle, or if you wish discuss Internet Marketing... All sessions are pre-booked and are affordable - See 'Life Coaching' (above).

It was just so good and positive. It was exciting as well and I just cannot wait for the next one.
- Sarah

Your £10 ticket will be valid throughout 2013 for every show you wish to attend if you book now within 48 hours.

Make Things Happen! - Book Now

Brilliant! Just Brilliant - Thanks so much. I feel so much better now.
- John

The buzz you gave me worked. Thanks, I feel more positive now.
- Andrew

It was great! When you said ''Shift this'', something just clicked. I just cant explain how much you have changed my life. Thankyou.
- Alison

Coaching Specialities -

Mentor Coaching:

Arthur runs a very successful mentoring programme coaching people from all types of backgrounds to realize their full potential. He helps associates and executives to become more successful in their businesses - learning how to sell, how to sell your services, how to coach more effectively and how to make more money through multiple revenue streams.

Confidence Building: Defeating Phobias

It might be your lack of self belief that is holding you back .You may be frightened of making a mistake or simply not having the confidence to stand in front of a group of people to give a presentation. Arthur will be able to determine and rectify what has been holding you back in life. He will help you regain your confidence and give you the ability to succeed in your life.You may have a fear or a phobia, a fear of spiders, a fear of clowns... it doesn't matter what your phobia is, Arthur will help you conquer it and he has the ability to help you throughout your life.


Arthur coaches entrepreneurs ,executives, senior managers, and members of staff who are on fast track leadership development programmes. Arthur will help you to become a dynamic leader, capable of setting strategy and vision, learning ways to increase profitability, staff morale and building winning teams. Arthur will be your mentor and will always be there to help you succeed.

Communication Skills:

It is so important to be able to communicate effectively and for many people it is the lack of these skills that can hold you back. It may be your ability to be assertive or lack of confidence when holding a presentation. Arthur will be able to provide you with the skills and techniques so that you can build rapport with anyone, to communicate effectively without waffle in a positive, assertive manner

Celebrity Coach:

Arthur is well prepared to coach celebrities whether it be from TV, film , music, sport or indeed any type of celebrity status. He will help you to withstand the stresses and strains of being in the public eye, ensuring that mentally you are prepared to give full value in all that you do but very importantly that you are happy in all that you do.

Internet Entrepreneur:

Arthur demonstrates effectively what he teaches to his clients and became a very successful internet entrepreneur. Today, he is well known for running several internet businesses that make money 24 hours a day! Arthur coaches and helps fellow internet business owners in how to market their website using blogs, articles, and how to get to the top of Google and Yahoo

To book Arthur for any type of Life Coaching click the One Hour ( £97 ) Three Hours (£247) button above


You can arrange a 4 Hours Personal Visit to your home address or workplace for only £797 ( See Corporate Level Gold Plus which is in the above Business Sales Coaching section for details , he will cover every part of UK and also Worldwide )

If you wish to talk to our PositiveBanana Support team please phone 07798877571


EMail Me:

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Make Money

Join my Team






You will sell all my best selling products shown below .....

Make - £30 for EVERY COACHING REFERRAL SALE ( Easy sales to businesses)

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Websites Built

Arthur Ralph The PositiveBanana Website team build outstanding websites.

* Low Cost * Great Value * Great Design

We will build you an outstanding search engine friendly website with a great design to your specification.

This will be similar to our PositiveBanana website, attractive in design,modern and fully functional to give exceptional marketing for your business,
You will receive .....

FREE invite to our Business Network Event held in the East Midlands

........ Network and maximise opportunities for your business.

Your business deserves a great website .... Low cost and great value!

Act Now! Simply send me your business details for an immediate response.

EMail Me: (Put 'Website Build' in the subject line) ..............

If you want to speak to the PositiveBanana Website Team please phone 07798877571

Also, the following opportunity is highly recommended .... ....... Make Money Online using Postcards. FREE .... When you join (£97) you will receive a Fully Automated Website and offline marketing system using postcards (This can be used to market your business .... you will learn exactly how to send postcards / letters for less than a 2nd class stamp and this even includes the printing and any envelopes etc ... It is a great way to market your business .... simply refer them to your website using this cost effective method) , you will also receive FREE the exciting package from the following website (114 page book and DVD, ) ...
You receive money back on 1st sale then....Profit! ....... Make Money Online using Postcards

Links / Websites      - Amazing Bananaguards      - Make Money 24/7 Online      - Business Promotion      - Make Money Online using Postcards

One Life ..... LIVE IT !!

EMail Me: Make It Happen !

EMail Me:

Phone : Customer Support 07798877571 Make It Happen !

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